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September 22, 2012 / Melissa Yuan-Innes

The Most Notorious Cover

I showed off my new print book covers to my book club. Everyone liked Code Blues. High School Hit List‘s overlays confused one person, but the real drama came with  Notorious D.O.C.. To my surprise, they told me  to Photoshop the body, the colour, the clothes….I mulled this over, but since a) my Photoshop skills aren’t up to all that, and b) I’ve always objected to manipulating magazine shots to make women look like sexy robots (did you see the no-knees Lady Gaga cover?), where do I draw the line on my own designs?

Ergo, I made an entirely new cover. I’m not going to say which one is the original and which one is new. I don’t want to bias you any more. But if you could take a second to click and vote on your opinion and/or comment (politely), I’d love that. Thanks!


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  1. savantefolle / Sep 22 2012 10:34 am

    Hi Melissa,

    l don’t know what are the objects lying behind the red clad woman. Confusing for me.

  2. jrj9 / Sep 22 2012 11:08 am

    Hi Melissa,

    Both are interesting options but I prefer the woman in grey best. I like the lighting better; the woman in red has a bit too much “true crime reality show” feel for my personal taste. I also like the fact that with the woman in grey version the car wheel isn’t there as a distraction, and that the red makes the book’s title pop, rather than the body. Because hey, it’s all about the book!

    — Jennifer

    • melissayuaninnes / Sep 22 2012 11:36 am

      Thanks, Jennifer. I definitely see how red attracts the eye to the photo rather than the title. As for the “true crime” feel, the grey photo, in close-up, has tire tracks over the woman’s body, which you can’t see in these small versions but are more apparent in print–not sure if that would make you like it more or less. Thanks for taking the time to tell me.

      • jrj9 / Sep 22 2012 1:55 pm

        The tire tracks (with just a touch of blood) actually make me like the grey even more:)

  3. melissayuaninnes / Sep 22 2012 6:33 pm


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