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September 17, 2013 / Melissa Yuan-Innes

Asian-izing my latest cover

Okay! So people I heard from didn’t like the original Italian Assassins cover. I did, but what bugged me was that no one thought the character looked Asian, even with her face in shadow.

And writer Mark Shaimblum found pictures of Asian women with guns.

Gauntlet thrown and accepted.

italian asian clothed copy

italian asian naked copyNow the question is, naked or not naked?




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  1. Cindie Geddes / Sep 17 2013 11:16 pm

    Nekkid! That is a kickass image! In fact, her face is so strong, the lighting so evocative, the gun so perfectly placed, I didn’t even notice she was naked until you mentioned it. And that is one great body to not even notice! Speaks volume for the composition.

    • Melissa Yuan-Innes / Sep 18 2013 5:49 am

      Thanks, Cyd! I was sort of thinking about it while sleeping, and wanted to go with naked. The black doesn’t stand out enough in thumbnail. I just didn’t want people to accuse me of using sex and exploiting women to sell books, so I feel better that you didn’t notice her bod.

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