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January 8, 2014 / Melissa Yuan-Innes

We are moving! We are moving!

Do you remember that scene from Trading Places, where Eddie Murphy looks absolutely delighted and says, “We are moving! We are moving!”


A moving stallion, courtesy of

No? Here’s the scene, and here’s a longer clip with an ad and poorer quality but that makes it even funnier.
All that to say, I’ve headed off into the Wild West and am now hosting my own website through and
And, just like Eddie Murphy, it’s an adventure. Well, okay, I didn’t go from rags to riches or anything like that, but I did build the website myself, which is pretty cool, although I did have to e-mail for help a few times with the warning, “I am a newbie, so please write back in very simple language. Thank you.”


Grumpy Anastasia, as captured by NYT-bestselling photographer, Jordan Matter

However, what I didn’t realize, transferring off of, was that I would lose some benefits, like their publication to my 38 subscribers (very exciting! For a long time, I only had one. Or three. Love ya, Cindie). Please consider transferring your subscription to my new site, where I’ve already told all about my photo shoot with Jordan Matter (Part I & II), reviewed the Broadway hit After Midnight and off-Broadway sensation Sleep No More, and will soon perform a taste test between a cranberry tartelette and an “abricotine” (apricot pastry) as part of the celebration of my latest e-book, The Cheap and Lovely Guide to Montreal: Food, Fun, Fashion, and Ze French.

Montreal cheap & lovely DOLL

Oh, and I started a new eco-campaign to save the world through gaming, Earth Steps (love you again, Cindie!). Plus, in case you’d forgotten, my newest Hope Sze medical mystery, TERMINALLY ILL, debuts February first, and if you order a paperback copy through me, Kobo is offering a free copy of the e-book. Yowsa.

terminally ill eBook_final 200
Happy New Year! And merry new year! (Bonus points if you recognize that reference.) Or, in our house, Happy Noodle Day! But that’s another story.

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