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Click on underlined bits to download free pdf’s of the Medical Post articles, also accessible on

MP_MyTown_Melissa The Medical Post’s My Town is a new feature about doctors’ hometowns. Here I am, giving warm fuzzies to Sunset Yoga and other luminaries of South Glengarry. (With a picture of me yoga-ing away!)
MP_June5_2012_Safari I finally made it to Africa, a lifelong dream. And I ate impala liver (not a dream, but still interesting).
MP_Touch“To Touch or Not to Touch,” Medical Post, January 18, 2011.  The time I tried to shake a Hascidic man’s hand…and other stories of touching.  Inspired by DNTO’s podcast on touch.
“The Cancer Christmas” in Chicken Soup for the Soul:  the Gift of Christmas(p. 443-447, on sale at Walmart), a.k.a. Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Tales of Christmas (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
This is a story about my father, my son, and me, when brain cancer stole my dad’s life but not his humanity.
Thanks again to The Ottawa Hospital (Dr. Stan Gertler, Dr. Shawn Malone, Dr. Andrew Mai, Dr. Eve Tsai, & Dr. Craig Lee) and St. Vincent’s Hospital for their excellent care.
MP_RateMD “Put ‘’ in perspective.”  Medical Post, December 14, 2010, p. 20.  My wonderful friend and doctor was upset at one of the comments on RateMD.  I say, Fuggetaboutit.
MP_CheapMD “I’m a Doctor, Not Paris Hilton.”  Medical Post, November 16, 2010, p.110  Tee hee at the title they picked.  I wouldn’t mind playing Paris Hilton on TV.  Once in a while.
MP_Altmed Practice management article:  “Lessons learned from alternative medicine,” Medical Post, November 2, 2010.  Who knew acupuncture could teach you about how to run your business?  Answer:  you, after you read this article.  You’re welcome.
MP_Delivery “My first delivery: the good, the fist-pumping dad and the ugly.”  Medical Post, August 3, 2010, p. 20.  I cried the first time I helped deliver a baby.
MedPostApril20page60 “Channel your inner Buddha to achieve peace with patients,” Medical Post, April 20, 2010, p. 60.  I wrote a serious piece about a patient who called me the most unfeeling doctor he’d ever met.  The Medical Post published it as a humor piece.  Laugh or cry?  You decide.  And check out the art–very nice.
MP_Player[2] “What kind of ‘player’ are you?” Medical Post, March 23, 2010, p.56  Dr. Stuart Brown wrote about the importance of play.  I upped the ante by dividing doctors into player types as if they were hard core computer gamers.  Very amusing to moi, plus the art is my favourite ev-ah.

MedicalPost, Feb23, 2010, p14.  “Maybe it’s not such a thankless task after all,” Medical Post, Feb 23, 2010, p.14  Do your patients give you gifts?  Mine don’t, much.  Happy ending:  the week this article came out, the hospital foundation gave me a gift card and a giant blue rabbit for my son.  As Alanis Morissette would say, Thank U.  🙂

A Recovering Miser,” Medical Post, Sept 8, 2009.  Yes, I was a recessionista before it became trendy. “We should form a club for cheap doctors,” said one of my med school classmates.  I never did that, but I still hate paying for parking.  I let students cut my hair.  Off the chain Montreal hair students, no less.  But when my four-year-old son opened his new Thomas the Tank engine birthday present and said, “I want to keep it,” I realized that my habit of borrowing toys and books from the library and friends might have gone too far.

Confessions of a Type A Personality,” Medical Post, August 18, 2009, article.  But I’m trying to become a Type B.  Really.

The Doogie Howser Dilemma” Medical Post, June 2, 2009, article on how patients say I look too young to be a doctor

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